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Cohabitation Becomes Vogue?


In south China's Guangzhou city, increasingly more young people have chosen to share an apartment with someone of the opposite sex. Most of them are aged from 18 to 38, usually migrants in the city. They move in together because they don't have a home in the city and neither do they want to afford the high rents all by themselves.

Cao Qing is one of them. The girl rented an apartment, which has two bed rooms, after graduation. She then posted an advertisement in an online community seeking a male to share the fees with her. Finally Cao Qing chose Du Bin, a computer engineer, as her roommate. The two have since become lovers after sharing the apartment for several months.

However, there are still other young people, who have become good friends, though not couples after living together.

Comparing with living with people of the same sex, roommates of different sex often find it easier to get on well with each other. They are more tolerant of each other. The female partners usually do the cleaning job and cooking, while their male roommates can take the job of fixing the television and other things.