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They abused me, other boys’


Mumbai Newsline, Tuesday , December 20, 2005

Alleged victim testifies to repeated abuse by Britons at Colaba shelter

Express News Service

Mumbai, December 19: Testifying before the Sessions Court on Monday, Rahul Mahajan (name changed), an alleged victim in the Anchorage child abuse case, said he was abused over 20 times by Britons and ex-navymen Duncan Grant (52) and Allan Waters (57) inside the Colaba and Murud shelters set up by Grant in 1995-96.

Today a young man working in a Central Mumbai catering firm, Mahajan is the first of the five alleged streetboy victims slated to testify before Additional Sessions Judge P S Paranjpe in the next few days.

During the chief examination by Special Public Prosecutor Vijay Nahar, Mahajan said Grant brought him to the Anchorage shelter in 1995-96 and the sexual abuse began immediately.

The victim said that Waters used to help Grant run the shelter and visited it every two months. Other foreigner friends of Grant also visited the shelters, he added.

The Britons, who face up to life imprisonment if convicted, watched Mahajan testify from the accused’s box. Grant’s sister was also present in court.

Mahajan, the prosecution’s third witness, also revealed that all the sexual activities took place at night and that his statements to the Murud police on how he had seen Grant and Waters perform oral sex on the other boys were missing in the police report.

Mahajan told the court that though he didn’t like what was being done to him, he was reluctant to leave as Grant plied them with food, clothes and other gifts.

He added that complaints to employees Ganesh—now dead—and co-accused William D’Souza simply resulted in threats to remain silent, backed by beatings.

In an interview to Newsline, Waters had claimed the allegations were false and a result of inducement by individuals wanting to take over the shelters.

On Monday, when asked by defence counsel Majeed Memon—he’s representing all the accused—Mahajan flatly denied that visitors Sridhar Naik and Allan Denning had induced him and the other alleged victims to file the case against the Britons.

Earlier this year, Kalindi Mazumdar, the member of a state committee to monitor children’s homes and lawyer and child rights activist Maharukh Adenwalla testified in the much delayed trial.